November 8, 2018

Image Editor

The fully-featured image editor allows you to make many changes to captured images, without having to rely on third party software.

The following options are available:


Resize the photo, reducing the file size of it.


Resize the drawing area of the photo

Rotate 90°

Rotates the photo 90 degrees clockwise.

Rotate 180°

Rotates the photo 180 degrees clockwise.

Rotate 270°

Rotates the photo 270 degrees clockwise.

Round Corners

Applies a rounded corner effect to the image.

Flip Horizontal

Flips the image upside-down

Flip Vertical

Flips the image rightside-left


Crops an area of the image and removes the area not selected.

Draw Text

Adds customizable text to the image


Draw lines on top of the image.


Add a shape to the image.

Hue Shift

Shifts the hue of the image, changing the colors.


Shifts the saturation of the image, to make it more or less vibrant


Shifts the contrast of the image, changing the contrast ratio.

Invert Colors

Invert the colors of the image to their opposites.


Sharpens the image. Sharpening too much can create artifacts.


Blurs the image.