January 26, 2018

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Welcome to the new Remote GeoSystems Product Support and User Community Forums.

Here you can learn and share knowledge about how to geotag video, photos and other sensor/media data, as well as the Remote GeoSystems and 3-party technologies that make it possible.

As we launch this new resource please feel free to ask any technical questions here and help us grow the common knowledge base and community. Our team of Remote GeoSystems specialists will answer questions as soon as possible and a community of user experts may also offer additional experience, tips and how-tos and advice.

(If you encounter any issues using the forums please let us know at forums@remotegeo.com so we can address it immediately.)

Consumer Video Geotagging & Map Viewer Software

Video GeoTagger

Get help on using Video GeoTagger to geotag video from any camera with or without a GPS log.



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