January 26, 2018

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Create a series of georeferenced stills from a georeferenced video

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I'm curious if this capability exists... is there a way to create a series of georeferenced stills from a georeferenced video?  ... Or better yet an ArcGis point shapefile with links to video stills?  I can make stills from the video and then georeference and then convert to points in Arc, but was just curious.



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Hi JPWalsh,

Sorry - It seems we missed this post last week. Yes! However this is a function of Video GeoEditor and LineVision Desktop - Ultimate edition.   

Please see the attached screenshot which should give you an idea of the capabilities. In addition to extracting a user-defined number of geo-referenced still images, it also creates a spreadsheet that references the photos and includes Lat/Lon points and UTC times.   

You can download a free trial of Video GeoEditor here:   https://videogeoeditor.com/  


--Remote Geo Team