January 26, 2018

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timespan overflowed because the duration is too long

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I want to publish/upload 360 panoramas via Google Streetview Studio. To do this I'm required to have:

  1. Geotagged video exported from the camera
  2. .GPX file

I have geotagged 360 panoramas instead of the video captured by Trimble MX7 device. Therefore, I created .mp4 video out of these panoramas with 1 fps using Blender software. I also have GPX file. It appears that the output video file isn't geotagged even though panoramas were geotagged. I used video geotagging tool and it gave me the following error: timespan overflowed because the duration is too long

Do note that I have 1000 panoramic images and one record (lat, lon etc.) in log file for each image therefore 1000 records in gpx log, is teams 1000 frames in the video as it is rendered as one image per second. So I don't get how there can be any difference in length. (See attached file).

Maybe I made some mistake during rendering video? What could I've done wrong in those two steps?!

Import image sequence > Render as source as 1 fps

Manual geotagging is not an option for me for a reason.

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Hello @shota - We are not seeing an attachment. Can you please share your GPX file and the mp4 video you created to our support email and we will see what we can find out here. Thanks, Remote Geo