January 26, 2018

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shape file loading error

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When loading the shape file this error message pops up"the Microsoft office access database engine could not find the object .dbf"

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Hello @indroneaerosys,

You may have to rename the Shapefile to be able to load it, sometimes they do not have their short MSDOS-type filename and do not load.

Try going into the folder with the shapefile and you will see a bunch of files that make up the Shapefile. Select all files, right click on one and rename it to something with a shorter name (like abcd.shp - we believe it has to be less than 8 characters) - each of those files maing up the shapefile will need to have the same name.

With the shorter name the Shapefile should load in to Video GeoTagger PRO, Video GeoEditor and LineVision Desktop correctly.

Also, as a prerequisite, you will want be sure to have the Microsoft Access Database drivers installed. (The installation wizard usually brings up the screen to install this and other codecs during the software installation process.)

Hope this helps!

---Remote Geo Team

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Thanks for the quick reply.