January 26, 2018

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Closed captioning enabled query  


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22/06/2018 11:11 am  

Hi all, this looks like a great program and I'm very happy to have come across it. 

I have watched a video at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUQBhDYeI48&index=6&list=PLbHiVAEAA9tkUixGkiRAZu9EcWhZi5OvU   about creating closed captioned video using Video Geotagger Pro.  I have already gone through the process of geotagging the video and I would like to now view that video in VLC with the coordinate values visible in the closed captioning.  I am not clear on the first step of the video where it says to "Open a video with closed-captioning enabled".  My question is how to I enable closed-captioning on an .mp4 video that was captured using a DJI Inspire 1?  My subtitles are set to on in VLC but I don't get any CC info on the screen.

Thanks for any feedback.

Remote Geo Team Member
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22/06/2018 3:55 pm  


The Inspire 1 uses standalone .SRT files for storing Closed Captioning data, but you have to enable the feature in the DJI Go App for the .srt files to be saved.

Do you have an SRT file with the MP4? If you do, you should be able to load the .SRT file into VLC by going to Subtitle -> Add Subtitle File. VLC will also automatically load the .SRT if it has the same filename as the video.

The Closed Caption feature available in Video GeoTagger Pro is for certain DJI models that embed GPS as Closed Caption data directly into the video, such as the Phantom 4 Pro.

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25/06/2018 10:15 am  

Ah ok thanks very much for your reply.  I don't think I had enabled the .srt option for the flights so it seems like I'm out of luck in this case.  Good to know for future work however.  Thanks again.