January 26, 2018

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Can we export video + GPS tracker into one .MP4 file?  


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30/07/2019 7:18 pm  

Hey guys,

We are looking for a solution to geotag videos of road inspections and provide to the client with easy viewing/navigation capabilities.

Ideally we would use the app how it already functions, but with the added feature of being able to export an .MP4 which has the video on the left side and on the right side shows the GPS logger moving second by second, alongside the video. This way we could provide the client with the .MP4 and that’s all they would need to actually observe the precise real world location of each point in the video, and would make fast forwarding/rewinding to locate this location a breeze.

At the moment I can see the app show me what I want, e.g. add .GPX file and watch the video play back with the .GPX file next to it moving along with the video, but I want to export this – is it possible? Are you planning to add this feature? We do not want every client to have to download, register and install the app just to observe a ‘Geotagged Video’.

Thanks in advance!

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31/07/2019 3:58 pm  

Hello and thanks for the question!

We do not have this function right now, but something like you suggested has been certainly been discussed as a feature for the product road map, but at this time there is not a timeline. When we do roll it out it would likely only be included in the one (or more) of the paid software products.

However if you want to do more than make a movie, and provide the interactivity with clicking on the map to cue the video, then that would require software for that to work.

One solution for the meantime is to use a software screen capture tool and record the video playing in Video GeoTagger and export that as a MP4.

We do also currently have features in Video GeoEditor ( https://videogeoeditor.com/ ) and LineVision Desktop - Ultimate edition that let you overlay or watermark the video with dynamic GPS coordinates and out put that as MP4. It's not quite as nice as having the map on the side but at least they would know where the content in that frame of the video was captured.

Hope this helps.

--Remote Geo Team






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31/07/2019 6:34 pm  


Thanks for the post. You're solution sounds acceptable although it does sound unusual that this kind of feature would not be at least on the road map. Exporting the map recording alone so that I can manually add into the video would solve the problem and surely is a pretty basic feature to implement that would/could be used by a much wider audience.

Anyways I appreciate your time put into the response, unfortunately this program will not be useful to us without the feature - we would have happily paid for it.



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