January 26, 2018

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Yuneec drone support in Linevision?

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Does your software support Yuneec drone log files? I have a Yuneec H520 but do not see an option to open a tlog file that the Yuneec uses. Have you ever dealt with the Yuneec UAV platforms?

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We have not yet seen any .tlog files from the Yuneec so it would most likely not support .tlog at the moment, however we would like to take a look at some sample data (the .tlog file and related video) to see if it is something we can support soon. If you’d like to send us some sample data, we can work on bringing Yuneec support to our software in the near future. Feel free to send an email with the link to support@remotegeo.com.

Also a properly formatted .GPX , .CSV, .KML or .TXT file could also work with the video geotagging capabilities in LineVision and Video GeoTagger.

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Was this ever added in as a format you support. I am working with some wildlife researchers right now, flying a H520 and want to use the tlog file for geospatial video. 

I understand I can convert this to gpx in mission planner,  but that is one more step I'd rather not deal with.