January 26, 2018

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Here you can learn and share knowledge about how to easily “geotag” and “geoedit” videos, photos with geospatial data and metadata using Remote GeoSystems and 3rd-party georeferenced video mapping technologies.

As we launch this new resource please feel free to ask any technical questions here and help us grow the common knowledge base and community. Our team of Remote GeoSystems specialists will answer questions as soon as possible and a community of user experts may also offer additional experience, tips and “How-Tos” and advice.

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My drone service company uses the Matrice, Inspire and Phantom and I want to make FMV for Esri's FMV Add-in that does the field of view box on the map. I have .SRT and .DAT and was wondering if have any kind of tool that makes it easy to create MISB-compatible FMV Thanks!

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This is a common question/request and something we have looked into a good bit.

Today we can offer you a tool that would convert the geotagged videos to a MISB compatible format for the Esri FVM Add-in, however it would not have the “4-corner coordinate field of view footprint” like you might be expecting – it would essentially just give you the moving path of the drone. (At which point you might get a better deliverable by using our LineVision ArcMap Add-in as an alternative?)

Even after decrypting the DJI flight record log (.TXT), it seems to be missing some key pieces of metadata needed to calculate the moving footprint capabilities. It may be likely that this information is not currently there and/or not calculated, which is probably why there are not many (if any) working solutions for this out there at this time.

If we can eventually get at the right metadata fields, we would most likely quickly bring a solution to market with this capability.

In the meantime, we would recommend trying our stand-alone LineVision Esri Maps or the LineVision ArcMap Add-in.