November 30, 2018


The optional geoDVR MISB FMV module allows for the recording of MISB FMV-spec video with all metadata necessary for drawing a dynamically-moving camera frame center target location and the camera footprint onto maps (either in-mission on the geoDVR with the Live Moving Maps module, or post-mission in LineVision Desktop and Server software). The recorded .TS (Transport Stream) video files contain MISB KLV metadata that can then be viewed in LineVision Desktop or other software solutions that support reading and parsing of embedded MISB KLV metadata streams.



To have a live map with Target Location and Camera Footprint using MISB data on the geoDVR, the Live Moving Maps module is also required – if only recorded videos with MISB data are needed for post-mission analysis, Live Moving Maps is not required. To show Target Location and Camera Footprint, be sure that these options are selected under the MISB Menu.

Gimbal video camera system that embeds MISB KLV data into the transport stream.

MISB Videos recorded by the geoDVR are currently limited to MPEG2 .TS files due to the structure of KLV data streams.