August 30, 2019

Waypoint Keywords

The geoDVR Waypoint Keywords Module offers the powerful ability to easily definite and add your own mission-specific waypoint descriptions or keywords using the geoDVR interface.

In-mission, these waypoint descriptions will be available for selection once the user selects the “Drop Waypoint” button on the touch screen monitor.

Post-mission, these waypoint descriptions will be visible as you hover over a waypoint indicator in LineVision and some third-party offerings as well.

NOTE: To use the module, you will need to uncheck Options > Disable Popup Message Alerts, otherwise the Waypoint keyword selection windows will be blocked You will also need Options > Video Options > Prompt for Waypoint Description setting checked to enable the functionality.


Setting the Keywords

During the mission planning process, a configuration window is launched from the geoDVR interface by clicking on Options > Add Waypoint Descriptions

Type in each entry you would like to use, and click Add Text for each entry. Once you are finished, click the Save Button

Setting up Waypoint Descriptions

NOTE: You will need a mouse and keyboard connected to the USB ports to set up the keywords.

NOTE: Once you save, you must also use File -> Save all settings as default to keep your entries saved across future sessions.

You are now ready to use the keywords in-mission.


Using the Waypoint Keywords

To use the Waypoint Keywords, you must have a touch screen monitor installed and an observer who can operate it.

While in-mission, touch the Drop Waypoint button in the Interface. It will ask you which keyword you would like to assign to it; make a selection and the associated description will be saved within the waypoint’s data.

Upon post-mission analysis using LineVision, the waypoints icons will show up with selected keywords in the waypoint description on the video track.