March 15, 2019

Change Base Layer

Changing the Base Layer allows you to easily use other commonly-used map tilesets, such as satellite imagery or oceanic tiles, rather than the default World Street Maps layer.

The following Base Layers are currently available:

  • World Street Maps (default) – A familiar street map view
  • Imagery – Satellite imagery view
  • Topo – Topographic features view
  • Ocean¬†– Oceanic features view

To change the Base Layer:

  1. Open the Layer Control panel
    Layer Control Tab

  2. Click the Change base Layer button
    Change Base Layer button

  3. Select the Base Layer you would prefer to use by clicking the dropdown menu.
    Base Layer Dropdown

  4. Click the Update Base Layer button and the new Base Layer will immediately change in the Map Viewer panel.
    Update Base Layer Button
    LVD Imagery Base Layer