November 30, 2018

Camera Target Footprint Module

The optional Camera Target Footprint module allows for the recording of video with all data necessary for drawing the a dynamically-moving camera frame center target location and the camera footprint onto maps (either in-mission on the geoDVR with the Live Moving Maps module, or post-mission in LineVision Desktop and Server software). This assumes the Remote GeoSystems protocol has been implemented with the gyro-stabilized gimbal video camera model and it is properly communicating in real-time with the geoDVR.

NOTE: Please see the Appendix B for details on the Camera Target Footprint Protocol Specification that must be implemented.

Enabling Camera Target Footprint Module

1) Referring to the screenshot below, to enable the Camera Target Footprint module go to the Options Menu and make sure Use Remote Geo Ethernet GPS is checked.

2) Referring to the screenshot below, you will get a dialog box asking you to input and/or save and IP Address and Port number. Click Save, leaving the default values of ANY for the IP Address and 1121 for the Port, unless otherwise instructed by Remote GeoSystems.

3) Referring to the image below, be sure the Ethernet cable from the gimbal IFU or control box is plugged into the geoDVR LAN2 port.



Works in Conjunction with Live Moving Maps

Referring to the geoDVR screenshot below, with both the Live Moving Maps and the Camera Target Footprint modules configured, Live Moving Maps will display real-time camera frame center target location and the camera footprint overlays in the map window:


Advantages Over the MISB FMV Specification

  • Extendable to support additional metadata such as waypoints and waypoint keywords
  • Modern video file formats and codecs can be supported
  • Data is logged as a readable .GPX file